St. Paul, MN

Spring is here, and Easter is fast approaching! Warm weather and sunshine never fails to put me in a good mood, which means I’ll be writing a full post over the Easter weekend. For now, just a quick update will have to do.

I’m currently reading Freedom by Jonathan Franzen, and I am enjoying it. More to come there as well as a review of Boxers and Saints by Gene Luen Yang!

The location of today’s post comes from a sonnet I composed for my Advanced Writing class. I wrote it just this afternoon, so you are my first readers and critics.


The Russian Teahouse

Piroshki and hot teas with honey sit.

They wait for us to start devouring

their simple, steaming flavors, which will fit

our longing fierce. A flour showering

on golden crusts that cup mashed meat and rice.

Your lips are pursed to send a cooling blow,

but you lean back to comment on the price.

“It almost seems like stealing, dontcha know?”

The dream is shattered in a moment’s time.

I see the thrift store tables cluttering

the room with mismatched dining chairs, sublime

in all their poverty and muttering,

“Please help yourselves my dears and don’t be shy;

we have some other dishes you should try.”


I went to a Russian teahouse in St. Paul yesterday, and it was delightful. In case you’re interested, here’s a link to a review and the restaurant’s address.


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