Where is The Literary Itinerant?

It has been 24 days since my last post, and I’m guessing some readers thought I fell off the edge of the earth. Not quite, but almost. My summer had a wonderful beginning filled with reading, fishing, and trips to the zoo. Unfortunately, it didn’t take long before 12 hour night shifts became regular. (When I say regular, I mean every day for 21 days.) There wasn’t much time for anything but sleeping and working.

The end, however, is in sight! The factory is winding down for the summer, and as I prepare for a trip to Sturgis, South Dakota with two of the greatest guys I know, blogging can once again become a priority.

Work may have consumed the time I would have liked to have spent with my family, boyfriend, friends, and blog, and it turned my summer reading list on its head a bit, but I tried to stay dedicated. You may remember that my original list included Howl’s Moving Castle, The Fault in Our Stars, Les Miserables, and Fahrenheit 451. The revised list swapped Les Miserables for The Casual Vacancy. That’s right… I gave up on a book.

I turned to my boyfriend, L, and said, “I can’t do it. I can’t read this. What am I going to say on my blog? It’s on my list!” I can’t even tell you that I didn’t like it. What I did read was enjoyable. It was the length that got me. Les Miserables is incredibly long, and while I was determined to conquer it, my Kindle stayed at 4% read. I like to flatter myself by believing that I am able to read rather quickly. I once plowed through two-thirds of Great Expectations in 4 hours (not recommended). I didn’t think Les Miserables would be any more difficult. That was my first mistake.

My second mistake was trying to tackle this during the summer. The advice I would give to anyone considering reading this book would be to work on it during the chilly days of winter. I think curling up in a blanket with Les Miserables and a mug of warm cider would be perfect. Summer is a time for outdoor fun, not sitting inside with a crazy long book for hours, no matter how good that book might be. I’ve certainly learned that reading lists need to be planned with care.

A side note:

Speaking of reading lists, I have mine for the upcoming semester! Interested in what American Minority Writers, and other classes have to offer? I’ll have the list up soon, along with a new literary travel destination. Until then, happy reading.


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