Three years change a person. When I started this blog, I had never left the United States. Now, I have a new job, relationship status, and home in the Land of the Rising Sun. Life tossed me into a whirlwind of adventure. If you’d like to read more about my real world escapades, you can here….

American Southwest

Hello friends! It’s been a long summer filled with amazing experiences and some excellent reads. I’ve been working with preschoolers at a church summer camp, growing in my teaching abilities, and making connections with Christians in a different part of the country. Right now, I’m stranded in Florida (it’s a long story), so I decided…

St. Paul, MN

Spring is here, and Easter is fast approaching! Warm weather and sunshine never fails to put me in a good mood, which means I’ll be writing a full post over the Easter weekend. For now, just a quick update will have to do. I’m currently reading Freedom by Jonathan Franzen, and I am enjoying it….